Monday, October 18, 2010

Our most recent partnership with "SURFACE INNOVATION INC"

"interior surfaces" now has a wonderful and exciting product sandstone veneers and real slate as wall covering ! You would just be excited of all the possibilities it can offer! I have travelled and I have seen luxurious hotels and beautiful homes in Florence, Greece even in Asia where marble is used everywhere. Do you know what they have in common? Their homes are made of concrete and slabs of stones adorn their homes. Of course these countries can find resources right in their backyard but for us here where the walls are not so secure and the resources for these stones are mostly imported, now we offer a solution!  It is economical, carbon foot print is extremely low and it has the effect you are looking and easy installation! (the slates are 2mm thin.)

As you can see their booth was inundated with consumers, contractors, builders, designers and agents like us.
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  1. Good Luck to you and Melanie, Richard! I can't wait for you two to bring your business in Hawaii.