Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania ? BLOOMSBURG CARPET !

We visited the manufacturing plant of  BLOOMSBURG and there we were greeted with warmth and hospitality. Meeting people who have worked there 30 years and being introduced to the men and women who make the company a team really was a pleasure. A special person "Jim" who gave us the tour, knew every machine used in the manufacturing process. He discussed in detail how each carpet was made and spoke with much passion and conviction. Every process from design to a finished product was discussed.
Bloomsburg is the only mill in this country that can provide three weaves, Axminster, Velvet, and Wilton all under one roof, thus offering its clients a great deal of flexibility. The design studio also continues to challenge technology by creating innovative patterns and weaving structures that correspond with currents trends.

Because of the strict adherence to only top quality standards, Bloomsburg manufactures exclusively woven carpets. Our stock lines include wools, wool/nylon blends, and 100% nylons.

Jeeves group


Choo Choo Boogie

Silver Creek

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