Thursday, November 4, 2010

Expansion to the West
Furthering their commitment to National representation Prime flors is pleased to announce their partnership with Interior Surfaces in Western Canada. Located in Richmond , BC. Interior Surfaces is an Independent Agency for quality products, primarily, but not limited to floorcovering. “We are committed to servicing the Flooring Contract and A&D community and Prime Flors and Prime Walls provides us with that missing piece to round out our portfolio” Richard Munden, President of Interior Surfaces says. Furthermore it is clear that Prime is committed to the growth of the Canadian market and I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership” Munden is quoted. And with almost 30 years experience in the floor covering market Munden and his team has the capability to quickly entrench prime flors and walls in the Western Market and Hawaii.


Toronto, October 29, 2010 Roya Manufacturing & Supply Canada Inc. launched new collections in its Primeflors modular carpet and Prime Walls wallcoverings lines in Toronto in late September at IIIDEX/NEOCON, Canada’s largest trade show and conference for the built environment.
Social Architecture, our flagship Primeflors introduction, epitomizes emerging style trends, says Roya President and founder Ali Nikzad. “Designers have been asking for more geometric, multitone and random-lay patterns.”
The new collection is part of our expanding Prime Quick Ship program, a same-day, instant-ship offering that is unique in Canada.
“I’m very happy with Roya’s instant-ship program,” says Omar Rivera, Principal at retail and hospitality design firm Blue Banana Design Collective in Mississauga. “They have a lot of product in stock. We had a great experience working on a restaurant with Roya’s product because it arrived exactly when we needed it. We were in a time crunch with only three weeks, from conception to completion, to do the renovation. Without Roya, we couldn’t have pulled it off.
“Not only that, but our installer commented that it was one of his quickest and easiest lay installs ever because the random pattern was actually packed randomly in the box. Often, this isn’t the case, and it can be a problem because you don’t want to put all the thick and thin stripes together. Our installer was quite impressed.”
“Carpet is always a critical link in meeting construction deadlines,” says Micheline Bartlett, President of Toronto-based Intercede Facility Management, a full-service interior design and relocation management firm. “Carpet is an item that can really mess up the progress of a project because you have to have it on the floor before the furniture and people can move in. They can move in without doors, hardware or even permanent lighting. But you would never move in without carpet because you’d have to lift all the furniture out and put it back in again.
“Another aspect of why carpet can be a problem is, often, a contractor who wins a job doesn’t order the carpet in time. Then we designers have to scramble to find a substitute, because the contractor can’t hold up the deadline on completing the project and the client’s move-in date.”
Although designers typically have comfortable lead times to specify carpet, Bartlett cautions that designers still run into a time crunch.
“Just because we specced it doesn’t mean it got ordered that day. First, the client has to approve the product—the pattern and colour scheme. Then, several budgetary approvals have to take place: No carpet company will produce the carpet until they’ve got a purchase order in their hands.”
Social Architecture modular carpet boasts a lifetime warranty; UniBak Plus, one of the most reliable carpet tile backing systems in the industry; and sustainable environmental attributes. Roya’s ISO 9000 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and CARE carpet reclamation program helps customers earn LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) points. We are also a socially responsible company, committed to manufacturing within North America.
As for Roya’s Prime Walls wallcoverings, “Interior designers want a unique product, and we have an aggressive plan to provide lots of it,” says Roya’s Nikzad.
At IIDEX/NeoCon, we also introduced Shardana, a high-end collection featuring an embossed, three-dimensional metallic surface and hand-placed beads, for a distinctive, romantic look. The patterns encompass wide horizontal stripes, narrow vertical stripes, lacy interlocking circles, a harlequin pattern and a diagonal grid superimposed on a checkerboard. Shardana is available in custom colours for orders as low as 30 yards.
Richard Eppstadt of Toronto retail and hospitality firm Eppstadt Design says, “As a Zen minimalist, I’m drawn to Shardana’s horizontal stripe. It strikes out in a new direction because most people in the industry are using a vertical stripe. The horizontal figure is nice because it elongates a wall. I could see using it behind a bed in a hotel room. The horizontal stripes would look out of context and thereby add drama to the room.”
About Roya Manufacturing & Supply Canada Inc.
Toronto-based Roya Manufacturing & Supply Canada Inc. supplies Prime Walls wallcoverings and Primeflors modular carpet. Prime Walls encompasses a wide-ranging collection of vinyl, textile and high-end, handmade wall coverings, all exclusive to Canada. Primeflors is Canada’s only commercial-grade carpet tile supplier with an in-stock, “instant-ship” program. Visit us at and

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