Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy, Busy is good!

Richard Munden I am, Interior Surfaces is my company. I have been extremely busy supporting the A&D Community attending many events from coast to coast to coast!

High Point Spring market kicked off a big season with a renewed interest from the trade and retailers both. There was a good vibe and plenty of new potential clients. As an agent of two of the best suppliers at the show in Surya Rugs and Moes Home Collection Furniture, I found myself in non stop action.

From there it was back to Vancouver and then over to Calgary to follow up on the leads generated from the show.

Before I knew it,  I was presenting to Toss Solutions in New Brunswick with LSI FLOORS, one of the leading design firms in the Atlantic Provinces with the leading LVT product line in Canada and one of our newest additions to our portfolio.

Back to Vancouver then to Toronto to attempt another run at a new Cavalier Bremworth Supplier.

The following week I found myself in Las vegas in 44 degree weather for the World Market furniture and rug show.
The show was as hot as the temperature and probably the best since the meltdown with an even greater momentum from high point.

The next few weeks found me reviving and starting new accounts in Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George and back to Calgary after the devastation that stopped a city in its tracks....but not for long :)

As business burned along at lightning speed, so did my airline points as I was off to Fredericton in September for the first annual IDC golf tournament for IDINB, then a quick flight to Vancouver for the IDS WEST show and for sure we couldnt miss the IDIBC awards gala, which seemed a mirror image of last year with the only memorable moment being the new Robert Ledingham Award.

It was then a HOT Saturday night party at Montauk Sofa with my friends IVAN, ERICA and DANNY for another great event.

No sooner was the IDS West over than I woke up at the IIDEX show in Toronto for an LSI event and a chance encounter with Phil fromVifloor.

Next week stay tuned for URBAN ENCOUNTERS CALGARY!

and consider yourself up to date.

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